About Us

Collectively, the management team at Abrasive Warehouse & Equipment has over 100 years of experience in the designing, manufacturing and selling of pneumatic blasting equipment. Our company distributes pneumatic and wheel blasting equipment, medias, parts and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. AWE also offers service and maintenance on all of its products. Abrasive Warehouse & Equipment has been in existence for over a decade.

As a distributor, AWE offers the right equipment regardless of the application or job type. Whether it’s blasting for only a few hours per week, a fully automated in-line production, an enclosure, a portable system or an airless unit, AWE will provide you with the necessary assistance to make the proper choice for your application. It doesn’t matter if you’re blasting stators, aluminum parts, turbine blades, molds, wheels or rims, bridges, concrete, tiles steel beams or dental parts, AWE will aid you in gathering the information you need to make an optimal equipment decision.

Our company specializes in automation as well as custom engineered and designed systems.

At Abrasive Warehouse & Equipment, customer service is our utmost priority. We devote ample attention to each customer in order to ensure a friendly and prompt resolution to your needs. It is our philosophy that being in business and assisting our customers is not a right, but a privilege. Our goal is to allow you to make the most informed, cost-effective decisions possible.

Price is also an area where we have expertise. At AWE, we will offer you the lowest possible price. Additionally, we won’t attempt to sell you equipment that you simply don’t need. For instance, if you only need a cabinet for occasional use, that’s exactly what we’ll sell you. We won’t pressure you into purchasing a top-notch, fully-loaded cabinet that is significantly more expensive. Our years of experience and expertise have given us the knowledge to provide you with the optimal equipment based on your production demands. We won’t sell you a cabinet that cannot keep up with your minimum requirements.

So, we encourage you to talk to us and give us the opportunity to serve you. We would take pleasure in assisting you in resolving any issues you may have with your current procedures or systems.

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