Recycling Program for Spent Abrasives

In today’s waste environment, the customer must be very careful in the manner in which they dispose of material waste. This aspect of the business process has become costly, time consuming and also carries liabilities that will most likely increase as time goes forward.

Today, businesses have two basic options in dealing with abrasive waste stream:

1. Send the spent material to an industrial landfill or hazardous landfill.

2. Send the spent material to a bona-fide recycler for disposal in an approved recycling process.

A true recycling process has some very positive benefits to a business compared to a straight landfill disposal program.

- Material that is recycled will eliminate the waste tax stream.

- Material that is recycled is not counted in a facilities total waste stream volume.

- Material that is recycled is no longer considered a waste and will be reclassified as recycled materials.

- Material that is recycled is considered post consumer and thus classified “green material” by Government standards.

- Material that is recycled does not have to be manifested.

- Material that is manifested increases internal administrative and paperwork costs.

- Material that is recycled will decrease the total waste stream volume which has a positive effect in the “EPA Waste Stream Reduction Guidelines.”

- Material that is recycled will eliminate state disposal fees charged at the landfill, which is encouraged by TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality).

- Material that is recycled is more cost effective than disposal. It can range from 15% to 40% less than landfill disposal.

- Material that is recycled has a much lower potential liability than landfill disposal.

- Recycled materials are a more positive solution to waste streams in lieu of landfill disposal options.

- Recycled materials are promoted by Federal, State and Local Government Programs

- Recycled materials and aggregates have become the dominant material source for most State and Municipal projects.

- Recycled materials have been incorporated in general specifications for all State projects.

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