Axxiom Blast Pots

Portable Blasting Systems

Axxiom Schmidt is an industry leader is abrasive blasting pots. Their equipment is safe, durable, dependable, and productive. Their line of portable blasting systems offers the lowest pressure drop in the plumbing line. What does that mean for you? Increased productivity and production! Each Schmidt blasting system is outfitted with the most reliable and quality manufactured valves and controls in the industry. Standard blast pots are available in 1.5 ft3, 3.5 ft3, and 6.5 ft3 capacities.

***All vessels are ANSI certified to 150 PSI.***

Each unit is supplied standard with pneumatic remote controls, a ComboValve (inlet/outlet air), a MicroValve II for abrasive metering, a 55’ twinline control hose, a G2 pneumatic deadman control, and a moisture separator. Many options are available, such as electric remote controls, pneumatically-controlled abrasive metering valve (Thompson Valve II), pressure-hold controls, and skid mounting.

Contact us to see which system is right for you.

Blast Pot Packages

Axxiom Schmidt offers several package deals for the customer looking for a “turn-key” set-up. Details of the contents of each package are as follows:

 Package A - Pneumatic Remote Controls, ComboValve (inlet/outlet air), MicroValve II (abrasive metering), 55’ Twinline Control Hose, G2 Deadman Control, and Moisture Separator (blast hose and nozzle not included)
 Package B -  All items in Package A plus 50’ Blast Hose Assembly (nozzle holder, quick coupling), and a Silicon Nitride Long Venturi Nozzle (3/16” – ½” bore available)
 Package C -  All items in Package B plus Nova 2000 NIOSH-approved Air-supplied Respirator, 50’ Air Supply Hose Kit and Airline Filter



Blast Pot Packages Flyer

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