Apollo 600 Supplied-Air Respirator

Apollo 600 Supplied-Air Respirator

Ambient Air Pumps

Not sure if your compressed air is safe to breathe? Switch to a Clemco Ambient Air Pump. The CAP-1 supplies one operator with a continuous source of low-pressure breathing air. The CAP-4 serves one to four operators. Requires low-pressure respirator. Clemco offers kits to convert your high-pressure Apollo 20 or 60 helmet to work with an air pump.

Cool Air Tube

Clemco’s Cool Air Tube (CAT) reduces the temperature of the compressed air before it enters the Apollo 60 HP or Apollo 20 HP respirators. A must-have accessory for warm-weather blasting.

Clemco Cool Air Tube

Climate Control Tube

Clemco’s versatile Climate Control Tube (CCT) warms or cools the compressed air before it enters the Apollo 60 HP or Apollo 20 HP respirators. Perfect for contractors who blast year-round.

Clemco Climate Control Tube

CPF Air Filter

Clemco’s CPF in-line air filter removes moisture, oil and dirt particles from compressed air before it reaches your respirator. Multi-stage filtration system includes activated charcoal to eliminate odors and improve the “taste” of your breathing air. Available for one to four air lines; used with HP Model respirators.

Clemco CPF Air Filter

Blast Suits

The Clemco heavy-duty blast suit and gauntlet-style leather gloves protect the blast operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive. Heavy cotton fabric on back of suit allows air to circulate, while fronts of arms and legs are protected by leather panels. Straps at cuffs adjust to fit, keeping out dust and abrasive. The red color stands out in a blast environment. It is lighter in weight than all-leather or all-rubber suits. (Optional gauntlet gloves protect hands and wrists.)

The Clemco light-duty blast suit also protects the operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive. The suit is a cost-effective alternative to a heavy-duty suit for intermittent or short-term blasting, and for non-blast personnel working at the blast site. It weighs less than Clemco’s heavy-duty blast suit. The nylon and cotton construction is easily machine washable. Discarding the light-suit after a toxic dust job wastes less money. For rental outlets, the low-cost suit makes it possible to stock suits in sizes to fit almost any customer. (Available in a broad range of sizes up to XXL.)

Clemco Blast Suits

Carbon Monoxide Monitor / Alarm

The CMS-2 is a field portable carbon monoxide monitor and alarm for respirator air-supply. If CO exceeds 10 ppm, it triggers a warning light, and a high-decibel audible alarm. The rugged case with comfortable carrying handle, protects the monitor from minor impacts. Used by blasting and painting contractors for field operations.

Carbon Monoxide Monitor / Alarm

Helmet Communication Systems

Stop shouting! Clemco’s helmet communicators let you train or supervise several employees. Once considered a luxury, these rugged radios will prove their worth by saving you time and money. Two-mile range, 10-channels, rechargers.

Helmet Communication Systems



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