Industrial Paint Booths

Abrasive Warehouse & Equipment represents a quality, comprehensive line of industrial paint booths and paint equipment. If you have parts that need to be painted, please contact us. We would be pleased to assist you in determining the appropriate paint booth and components to fit your application and production demands.

Primary Types of Booths

• Small, Opened-faced Booths:  Designed for spraying small parts in enclosed factory environments.

• Large, Enclosed Walk-in Booths:  Designed for spraying large parts in a ventilated enclosure.

• Options:  Heated air make-up units for temperature control, part handling equipment, overhead crane slot-seals, and many, many more

Enclosed Paint Booth

Enclosed Paint Booth                               Open-Faced Paint Booth


Plural Component Paint Systems

• Special designed plural systems to meet applications consisting on multiple material components (resins and catalysts)

• Designed for high-production applications

• Available in portable and fixed systems



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