Wheel Blast Equipment

1. Structural, Vertical-Descaling Systems

     a. Descale and profile pre-fabricated or post-fabricated weldments

     b. Monorail, roll conveyor, and powered workcar designs

     c. Manual air blast touch up for complex fabrications

2. Spinner Hanger Systems

     a. Clean and profile miscellaneous complex single parts or multiples in one cycle

     b. Continuous and in/out powered monorail designs

     c. Powered hoist designs

3. Rotary Tables

     a. Cleans miscellaneous bulky parts

     b. Process generally requires multiple cycles and part rotation/flipping

4. Tumblasts

     a. Cleans miscellaneous parts in multiples (batches)

     b. Large volumes processed in a single cycle.

     c. Automated load and unload available

5. Skew Roll Systems

     a. Cleans and profiles steel bar (tubulars)

     b. Powered entry and exit conveyors

     c. Automated load and unload available

6. Plate and Structural Descaling Systems

     a. Cleans and profiles steel plates and structural members (Horizontally)

     b. Powered entry and exit conveyors

     c. Automated load and unload available

     d. Pre-heat and paint application available

7. Special designs

     a. Ability to design process to the specific work flow specifications



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